What is BioScan SRT Wellness System?

SRT stands for Stress Reduction Testing. It is a remarkable, new testing procedure which combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy with Laser Light technology to create a unique, non-invasive, easy to use assessment instrument. BioScan SRT will perform a sophisticated computerized scan on a patient to test for items which display sensitivities or an out of balance condition. The practitioner can then offer solutions to remedy those issues.

What does BioScan SRT Wellness System do?

Substances are converted to a digital format and presented in the form of sound and light. In turn, this allows for patient assessment testing at molecular level, assessing thousands of substance sensitivities in mere minutes. It then allows the brain and nervous system to record a new association that is positive or neutral, breaking the link between the stimulus and response which makes symptoms unnecessary, creates balance in the body and allows body functions to improve.

How does the BioScan SRT Wellness System work?

The BioScan SRT scans the body's organs and functions for imbalances using electro dermal screening. This fully portable medical device can be used by you or a technician to test a patient in less than 7 minutes, and gather reliable data regarding out of balance conditions in the body.

Is the BioScan Wellness System safe?

The BioScan Wellness System works similarly to an EKG or EEG and emits a very low electrical current and is non-invasive and considered extremely safe.

Is the BioScan SRT an approved device?

Yes. The BioScan SRT is both patented and FDA-cleared.

How long is a typical SRT testing session?

The 100-point Wellness testing takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

How many visits are required for the BioScan SRT protocol?

Most patients require on average between 5-7 visits. We further recommend a 100-point Wellness Inspection every three months for continued maintenance.

Are there any side effects after being tested with BioScan SRT Wellness System?

A small percentage of patients report slight flushing or congestion that lasts approximately one hour; this signifies that the body is starting the detoxification process and is entirely normal and painless.

When do patients notice improvement after using the BioScan SRT Wellness System?

Many patients notice an increase in their quality of health after the first or second visit.

What is a stress?

Stress is the physical, mental and emotional human response to a particular stimulus, otherwise called as 'stressor'.

Why do we need stress testing?

According to The American Medical Association, stress is the cause of 80-85 percent of all human illness. Every week, 95 million Americans suffer stress-related symptoms for which they take medication. Using our state-of-the-art technology on the BioScan Wellness System the body can be balanced and thus effectively and quickly help to reduce stress resulting in better health.

Specifically, what does the BioScan SRT Wellness System test?

The BioScan SRT software contains the most comprehensive library of any device of this type. There are tens of thousands of substances in the main procedure libraries and up to an additional 50,000 substances in the advanced procedure libraries. This technology can identify almost every known substance that could potentially cause a stress reaction.

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