“At a time when Ifelt that my health was at its poorest, my first visit with Janet proved to be a remedy for it. Her thorough evaluation of my health status was quite informative and accurate and her caring and thoughtful approach enhanced her ability to effectively deal and address all my issues. I strongly recommend Janet's services to anyone looking for alternative methods of health care.”
– Demi, Toronto

“Janet has been a wonderful help to me and my four children over the past year. Our needs have been varied and Janet, in her healthcare practice, has been thorough and knowledgeable. Her positive and friendly approach towards helping each person regain their optimal health is something that's rare and entirely appreciated. Thanks Janet!”
– Laura, Toronto

“I had always believed that traditional medicine was the answer - until I got sick. After eleven years of feeling like there was no help out there, I found Janet. I did not have to try to explain how bad I felt - SHE TOLD ME! Needless to say, I am back to feeling good – FAR better than when we first met. Thank you.”
– Judith, Toronto

“Thanks to Janet’s work as a homeopathic doctor, my brain is still working and I still have lots of energy at 75. I’m still comfortable jumping on and off my boat at the Bay and have the strength and agility to be able to still play a good game of tennis with friends and relations that are much younger.”
– Patrick, Toronto

“I found working with Janet highly productive. She helped me clear long-standing allergies and understand my body’s “eco-system.” Janet guided me so that I’m better able to take charge of my own health. I now feel calmer when faced with life’s ups and downs and generally have better sleep and more energy.”
– Barbara, Toronto

“When I first came to see Janet, I had debilitating seasonal allergies, uncomfortable skin rashes, and the kind of PMS that makes your husband (and you) forget why you ever got married. Using what I have come to know as her signature empathy, Janet listened to all my woes and assured me that we could sort out all the imbalances that were causing these symptoms. Over the next several months she did just that. Now, five years later, I check in with Janet for the occasional tune-up, but my original conditions are all distant memories. I have never felt better. Janet set me on a course of true understanding of whole-body health. I constantly recommended Janet to friends, assuring them that her background as a nurse, her insights as a certified homeopath, her deep understanding of human health and her warm caring are a rare combination in the current era of health care.”
– Gill, Toronto

“My family had talked about adopting a cat for years, but my son’s intense cat allergies made it impossible. A nurse I know recommended Janet Neilson, saying she had cleared her son of cat allergies, so we decided to give it a try. Five months after my son’s treatments, he is still allergy free -- and our beautiful cat is happily settled in our home. Without Janet’s professionalism, kindness and generosity of time, we would not have benefitted from the joys of a family pet.”
– Moira, Toronto

“Janet is an extremely thoughtful health practitioner. She searches for the causes behind one’s health issues. So although she provides remedies to treat symptoms, she always emphasizes that getting to the root cause of any health issue is really the most effective form of long-term treatment. I have found her to be extremely committed to results and would recommend her to anyone who is equally committed to improving their own health and well being.”
– Bijan, Toronto

Allergy Symptom Clearing


Address allergy symptoms with homeopathy – no needles, no drugs.
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Classical or complex homeopathy – safe and gentle treatment for all ages.
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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Regain equilibrium in your food, your work and your play.
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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Energy Assessment

Test your energy levels with our non-invasive and effective techniques.
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